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If you aren’t familiar with PopSockets and PopGrips, they’re a combination of modules that you attach to the back of your phone that can extend or retract similar to an accordion. When you “pop” it open, you can slip your fingers under the PopSocket for a more comfortable and secure grip on your phone, as well as act as a stand when deployed on a table. And to make a convenient accessory even better, PopSockets have partnered up with SOG to add everyday utility to the equation. The PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool is a compact EDC essential that squares away right under your fingertips.

As EDCers you know we’re always looking to add utility wherever it can fit: in our pockets, on our keychains and even in our wallets, so it was only logical that we would also add it to the phones we carry every day. That’s where the SOG Multi-Tool comes in: it’s there when you need a tool, and invisible when you don’t. The tool may be small, but packs as much utility as it can in its body.

It features five functions, including a mini pry bar, a ¼” hex bit driver, a 4mm hex bit driver, and the old reliable bottle opener. The bottle opener part has an edge that’s sharp enough to help you open up packages, but not sharp enough to raise any eyebrows while you’re traveling. The SOG Multi-Tool also features deep machined grooves to provide you with extra purchase despite its tiny size.

If you’re worried about the tool falling off the socket accidentally, the PopGrip has you covered there. It uses a magnetic twist system that secures the multi-tool safely in place until you need it. This means that to detach it you have to intentionally twist it to stop making contact with the built-in magnets, in addition to the recessed groove the tool already sits in.

Finally, in addition to PopGrips and PopChains, the SOG Multi-Tool is compatible with any PopMount 2, PopPower, and other wireless chargers by removing the PopSocket. And at only 1.44 oz, you’ll barely feel any added weight to your phone, but you will notice all the utility it provides in a pinch. Pick it up in two colors at the links below.

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