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Whether you’re limited by blade length restrictions or just want something small and lightweight for your EDC, a compact everyday carry pocket knife doesn’t have to be the weak link in your set of gear. With modern designs, smaller knives can perform above their weight class, and that’s doubly true when some of the best custom knifemakers collaborate with production manufacturers to bring you a great knife at a great price. Take the new Kershaw Aftereffect, for example, which presents a slim and sleek manual blade with all of the attractive and ergonomic design language that Jens Anso brings to his knife designs, in a compact, affordable package.

The Aftereffect was originally announced as the Hub at the start of the year, and it’s a highly-functional compact EDC knife with the looks to match. It has a stout 1.7″ bead blast finished 8Cr13MoV stainless steel drop point blade with a large curved belly that lets the knife slice well despite the small overall length. And that length makes it easier to carry in places where rules are less permissive about what kind of knife you can carry, but of course, make sure to check your own local rules and regulations.

Deployment of the blade is via a manual thumbstud mechanism, and a liner lock holds everything in place while you cut. As with the rest of the knife, the 3″ handle is a bit short, but the textured FRN handle scales maximize your grip, and there’s a bit of a choil at the heel of the blade that gives you a bit of extra control for fine cuts. The hole at that rear of the knife lets you connect it to your keys, or you can opt for a thick paracord lanyard that can increase the grip surface of the knife in use.

With its small size, the Kershaw Aftereffect can make for a good backup or travel knife, but the ergonomics and performance of the design itself despite its size is a testament to the prowess that custom knifemaker Jens Anso brings to his collaborations. Click the link below and make it a part of your own EDC today.

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