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EDC and prepping share the same spirit: being able to bring all you gear in a compact and convenient way that ensures they’ll always be on you or nearby when you need them most. Owning all that gear won’t matter when they’re stuck at home in your drawer, or worse, not immediately available in an emergency.  Superesse Straps provides a variety of EDC gear that helps you keep prepared while out and about. They’ve designed compact, pre-assembled survival kits that make it even more convenient for you to be able to carry tools that can prepare you for any situation.

First off is their EDC Pocket Tin. This kit is completely modular, letting you select kit options for its contents. The standard All-Purpose Kit includes fishing hooks, a ceramic blade, a fire starting ferrocerium rod, 1-foot of jute string for tinder, a needle and pick for pack repair, a small bandage for self-repair, and a water purification tablet for when you get stuck out in the wild. You can complement it with the Repair Kit (sewing kit, zip tie, duct tape), a Navigation Kit which features the compact Thumb Tac compass from County Comm, a First Aid Kit, and a Medical Kit, among others.

The 1 1/16″ x 2″ x 7/16″ slider top tin can features a seamless metal build, a capacity of around 0.38 ounces, and an optional Kydex sheath with optional clip for easy belt, pocket, or pack carry. There’s also a version of the sheath made for use with a lanyard, if you prefer to hang it on your person as a necklace. The practical Kydex sheath gives your pocket kit a bit more protection, keeps it from accidentally opening, and lets you carry it in different ways.

The variety that Supresse Straps offers goes beyond the usual pocket tin fare. There are also kits for gun cleaning, nuclear fallout emergencies, and two levels of escape gear with universal handcuff keys and Kevlar cord saws. The site walks you through the process of ordering and selecting options, letting you build your own EDC kit for your own needs. You can even order just the contents without the tin, if you already have your own preferred storage container.

For the ability to light a fire anywhere while also bringing along key survival essentials, there’s the Survival Kit Lighter. Using two heavy-duty Ranger Bands and a standard Bic lighter, they’ve created three different kits: Survival, Urban, and Fire—each with their own specific loadouts for different needs. The standard Survival Kit Lighter includes a signal mirror for emergencies, a glow light stick, electrical tape, a needle, a zip tie, and a water purification tablet for roughing it out in the wild. The Urban variant features a universal handcuff key and clip, a Superesse brand micro Shim Saw, Kevlar utility rope that can also be used as an impromptu saw, a micro steel carabiner clip, a foot long of “tinder” duct tape that can help in starting a fire, a zip tie, plus two extra Ranger Bands for extra ways to bind things together. Finally, the Fire Kit Lighter features the standard zip tie, a 2-inch ferrocerium rod for an extra way to light an emergency fire, a 2-foot wrap waxed fibrous jute rope, tinder parchment, and the same flammable “tinder” duct tape in the Urban Kit.

All the Lighter Kit variants let you pack extra supplies along with your EDC lighter in a compact and ready-to-go package that doesn’t add much bulk to your carry. The zip tie in every kit is always wrapped around the lighter button to prevent loss of fuel during storage or transit, ensuring you have a functional fire starter when you need it. You can order these three different variants separately or in a 3-pack that includes one of each.

Keep yourself equipped and prepared while you’re out there. Check out the EDC Pocket Tin and all the variants of the Survival Kit Lighter at Superesse Straps’s site at the link below. And while you’re there, check out the rest of their wares as well. Handkerchiefs, lanyards, patch kits, wallets and pouches—there’s bound to be something there that will help you complete your task-effective and space-efficient daily carry.

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