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First released back in 2005, the LifeStraw quickly became a staple for campers, hikers, and outdoors EDC in general. After all, having instant access to drinkable water out in the wild is essential. After 17 years, LifeStraw is releasing their new Peak Series, a lineup that brings extreme durability to a classic survival tool. The Peak Series features tougher, higher quality materials, delivers better performance thanks to the use of enhanced microfilters, and covers a wide range of use cases as a complete, versatile system of products.

First in the lineup, you’ll find the new Personal Water Filter Straw. This personal water filter not only remains super compact at 1.26“ x 7.7“, but also lightweight at only 2.3 oz. This re-designed classic features an enhanced grip for a more comfortable drinking experience, a built-in gravity hose attachment, and an enhanced, detachable filter that will give you a better flow rate and 5 years of clean drinking water. If your day-to-day adventures take you to the outdoors often, this is an everyday essential you’ll want to keep handy.

Next in line is the Collapsible Squeeze Bottle Water Filter System. Unlike the Personal Water Filter Straw, the Squeeze bottle has a place to store and carry any water you might want to safely drink through its detachable filter, perfect for longer treks. Whenever not in use, the bottle can collapse to occupy as little space as possible, reducing the amount of bulk inside your backpack or on your belt. Knowing it’s probably going to accompany you on many rugged adventures, LifeStraw made the bottle to be twice as thick and strong as conventional collapsible bottles. It’s available in 650mL and 1L sizes.

If your adventure is going to include a few of your friends as well, something like the Gravity Filter System might just be what you need. Available in 3L and 8L capacities, this simple system promises to filter as much water as you need with just one simple tool: gravity. Just hang it from a high place, connect its 47“ hose and start filtering away. Just like the rest of the Peak Series products, its interchangeable filter is designed to keep sand, silt, and dirt out of your water without clogging. Once you’re done, you can just collapse the bag unto itself for ease of packing and mobility.

Knowing just how important it is to have drinkable water, LifeStraw will give a child one full year of access to safe water for each product sold as well. No matter where your adventures take you, the new LifeStraw Peak Series will make sure you can also have safe water to drink in a reliable, durable, and compact manner. Pick one up in any of its presentations at the link below.

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