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Whether it’s their ultra-slim wallets like the Ion card holder or their modern takes on classic designs like the Division bifold, if Pioneer is known for one thing, it’s for making incredibly durable gear from technical fabrics. Such is the case with their new Global Pouch, which leverages both their 10XD and 3PN fabrics to provide you with a traveling companion ready to take on the world.

True to its name, the Global Pouch was designed as a place to store your gear and keep it organized wherever in the world you might find yourself. With a 8.26“ x 6.29“ x 3.14″ size and weighing only 4 ounces, the Global Pouch stays portable, can be carried with one hand, and occupying no more space than a single shoe would. It features a single opening with a wide mouth design for ease of loading and unloading. Once you open up its YKK AquaGuard main zipper, you have access to a spacious main compartment, divided into 5 separate pockets for easier organization.

On the outer edges of each side are two slip pockets in a wider size, making them ideal for storing larger items like charging blocks, cables, earphones, or external batteries. For smaller items like SD cards, coins, and flash drives, you can take advantage of the middle zippered pocket, with interior further divided into two more spaces. Thanks to their bigger size, these compartments are perfect for storing everything else that might be too large or awkwardly shaped for the rest of the pockets.

Regardless of whether you go for the 10XD fabric option (10 times stronger than steel) or the 3PN one (triple-plied nylon which is soft and supple to the touch while being resilient), both options feature a DWR coating, making the Global Pouch resistant to both water and dirt and keeping the contents inside safe from the elements and saving your from mishaps and misplacements on your travels. Pick one up in your choice of color and material at the link below.

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