Limefuel Blast L60X

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When you need to charge your phone on the go, carrying an external battery is one way to get the juice you need without missing a step. Limefuel recently took one of their best EDC-sized battery packs and gave it a sleek makeover. The updated Blast L60X gets a durable aluminum casing and an even more compact form factor. It can still quickly recharge an iPhone 6 almost three times over off a single charge, thanks to its 6000 mAh capacity and 2.1A output. They’ve also addressed concerns of battery drain in the older models by removing the LED light and relocating the activation switch to the top of the device. The new changes make the L60X not only more efficient, but more affordable too. Add one to your to your EDC to streamline your tech essentials and leave the wall charger behind.


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