MecArmy CPL3 Pocket Clip Flashlight

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EDC is all about finding the right tool for the job to make everyday tasks easier. But sometimes even the most complete set of tools doesn’t make the most sense in your kit if all it does is weigh or slow you down. MecArmy’s CPL series of flashlights aims to add a useful flashlight to some of the tools you may already carry, and for its third iteration the CPL3 gives your knife’s (or multi-tool’s) clip a bright new addition. It’s a clear space ripe for utility, and offers you a new way to consolidate and streamline your EDC.

Like the rest of the CPL series, the CPL3 is a compact flashlight powered by a single-button interface that makes a big impact by taking up next to no space at all in your loadout. But despite its 1.26“ x 1.06” size, its CREE XP-G2 LED offers up to 300 lumens across five useful modes, including a 4-lumen Low that lasts up to 7.1 hours and a Strobe for emergencies. A 55mAh lithium polymer battery lets the CPL3 keep its small stature, while being quick and convenient to charge (in an hour) via a USB-C port built into its side.

The CPL3 is built from CNC-machined titanium, keeping its weight under an ounce while giving it strength and a premium sheen that makes the material an EDC favorite. It’s rated for IPX6 impact and water resistance, which means that even if it lives on the outside of your pocket on the clip it’s still tough enough to withstand the scrapes and bangs of everyday tasks. The clip itself is compatible with most 3-screw configurations on knives and multi-tools, so it should be an easy fit for many EDC favorites.

Every space, every tool is worth a second look for consolidating and optimizing your gear and the MecArmy CPL3 could be the next bright idea to add to your EDC. Check it out at the link below.

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