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You never know what situations you’ll get into when you’re on the road, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t stay prepared. And while your regular EDC might cover your bases for some of the things you encounter, driving comes with its own kinds of problems—often when you least expect it and when you’re far from the comfort of home. While you can build out your own survival kit for your car, it might not be the best option to have a comprehensive kit when you often switch cars or are tight on trunk space. Mechanix Wear aims to solve this problem with their Roadside Pit Packs. They’re portable, pre-built kits that you can take with you to get through emergencies that you might encounter while on the road.

You’ll get two options for your Pit Pack: a larger one that measures 14“ tall by 10” wide, and a smaller 12“ by 9” option. Each are packed into their own dedicated bag. On the front and back, you’ll find MOLLE-compatible webbing, so you can attach accessories or attach the bag itself as an expansion. You’ll also find nylon hooks in the back side for more attachment options. For a secure and comfortable carry, you’ll appreciate the top handle and the adjustable straps that come with a plastic buckle closure. It features a clamshell opening for easy loading and unloading of the items in your kit or whatever else you decide to put it. The larger version of the bag comes with three more compartments for extra storage: a smaller front panel, a small quick-access pocket, and a side mesh pocket. It also features an additional side handle for even more carry options. Last but not least, both bags have high visibility zipper pulls for a touch of color. 

Inside the bags you’ll find a 10-pack of powder-free Nitrile gloves, perfect for light protection against dirt, grease, oil, and chemicals or for use with a first aid kit. They feature a grippy texture as well so that you always have traction on your tools. There’s also a 4 oz, 80% alcohol hand sanitizer spray for when you’re done getting down and dirty. For working in low-light conditions, a useful Caylum Light Stick will provide you with up to 12 hours of non-electrical light. Adding even more utility, there’s a 3 oz WD-40 Handy Can, which contains a substance that protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck parts, displaces moisture and lubricates almost anything. Finally, you’ll also find a 3-pack of “Hot Hands”, which are small air-activated small bags of heat, they heat up within minutes and provide you with up to 10 hours of heat. These are perfect for keeping you warm during the night or winter times. 

The larger bag contains two additional items to add even more functionality to your Pit Pack. You’ll receive a “My Medic Solo First Aid Kit” which is a small, compact kit equipped with hand-picked essential lifesaving supplies. You will also find a Mechanix Wear insulated water bottle. It’s a BPA-free container with a medium capacity and an insulation that will keep your cold liquids chilled. 

So, if you want to stay prepared for anything the road might throw at you, and get a pretty nice, nifty bag in the process, consider getting a Roadside Pit Pack. Both sizes are available in either black or a limited-edition bright red. You can get any of them by clicking the link below.

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