Celebrate National Day of Adventure on October 14th

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I know you didn’t print this post out to read it, so I’m going to safely assume you’re reading this on a screen. Probably the same screen you stare at hours on end, day in and day out, whether it’s at work or just passing time on your phone. I know, it’s fun to scroll through photos of people’s gear, do a little online shopping, and escape from the grind of the 9 to 5 sometimes. But if that’s your idea of taking a break from it all, you can do better. Maybe it’s time to unplug. For real.

What NDOA is All About

Here’s a suggestion: join us in celebrating National Day of Adventure on October 14th. It’s a day meant to give you a chance to log off, step away from your desk, head outdoors, and enjoy the moment. Now, I’m not saying to play hooky (but I’m not not saying it, if you get my drift) — even the tiniest departure from the norm is a step in the right direction towards a more adventurous life. If you can swing it, take a sick day! It’ll be fun.

Who’s Joining In

NDOA is a joint effort by our friends at Victorinox and their many partners, including Men’s Journal, REI, the National Park Foundation, and more. That includes us and you too, as a member of the Everyday Carry community!

Cool Stuff to Do

So you wanna participate, but you’re short on ideas for adventurous things to do? Men’s Journal, Swiss Army Knife, and GearJunkie will be hosting tons of special events across the country — all of which probably beat whatever it is you’d be doing in front of a screen anyhow.

Men’s Journal gives you the rundown of cool activities to do (at a discount, I might add) in different parts of the country, like rockclimbing in Brooklyn, skydiving in Austin, and paddle boarding in Marina Del Rey. Check out the full list of things to do at their Complete Event Guide.

Swiss Army Knife and GearJunkie will be hosting free #GearDrop scavenger hunts in five major cities across the country. Basically, you get to re-explore your city looking for hidden medallions you can redeem for fresh new gear. If you’re into geocaching, scavenger hunts, or even Pokémon GO, this’ll be a blast. Also, free gear!

Yes, There Will Be Prizes

Now that we’ve got you thinking about your day of adventure, we have to ask: what would you carry with you?

Think about it, snap a photo of your ideal adventure carry setup, share it with your friends on Twitter and Instagram to enter to win an epic 4-day Swiss Adventure trip package for two! 

That’s biz class airfare to Zurich, hotel and transport while you’re there, a tour of Victorinox Swiss Army’s knife factory, and more. Check this out for more details.

Mark your calendars. Adventure is coming!

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Header photo courtesy of Rene’s “swissmade” EDC

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