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Whether you’re commuting to the office or leaving town for the weekend, everyone has different requirements for what makes a good bag. Some need higher durability, some prefer more organization, and still others just want a place for dirty clothes. The team at Nomatic took the challenge of making the perfect bag to heart, and came up with two that will get the job done for most people. Enter the Nomatic Backpack and Travel Pack. They have plenty in common, but depending on what you’re looking for, each has a few unique features that set it apart.

Both bags have a similar design and build at first glance, but that’s not the only thing they have in common. The Backpack and the Travel Pack use waterproof fabrics and hardware right down to the zippers. These bags also make sure their features don’t get in the way when you’re not using them. For example, the water bottle pockets on both packs magnetically collapse inward for a slimmer profile. You can also tuck the straps away when you’d prefer to carry the bag briefcase style thanks to well-placed side handles.

Other shared features include RFID protected pockets for stashing passports, a hidden pocket for valuables, a top access pocket, a roller bag sleeve to attach to luggage, a retractable key leash, and a expandable main compartment to name a few. But this is where things begin to differ. If you opt for the 20L Backpack you can unzip an expansion compartment that will give you an extra 4L of carrying capacity. The Travel Pack is also 20L by default but the expansion adds an extra 10L instead of 4L, making it the obvious choice for travel.

Each bag offers different internal organization based on their intended use cases. The Backpack features a removable internal hook-and-loop panel that has a place for all your papers and notebooks, compartments for charging cables, keyboards, battery packs, tablets, and more.

The Travel Pack ditches the daily organization options for more travel-practical features, like a mesh divider. On one side you can stash a pair of shoes, while the other holds clothes and other essential travel accessories. It even comes with a compression packing cube so you can keep your basics organized. The laptop compartment is also designed for quick and easy access when traveling through airport security so you won’t have to repack your bag every time.

If your last trip to the office or family vacation left you feeling like your bag wasn’t cutting it, the Nomatic Backpack and Travel Pack are both worth checking out at the link below.

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