Opinel No.08 Serpent Wood Limited Edition

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Opinel makes some of the most affordable and popular EDC knives on the market and has been for many years, but that doesn’t mean they can’t push the limit on occasion. With only 500 pieces available in the United States, Opinel’s latest offering infuses collectibility and premium materials into one of their most popular knives: the No.08 Serpent Wood Limited Edition.

The handle is the most striking feature of Opinel’s exciting take on the No.08. It’s made from Serpent Wood taken from the Marmaroxylon racemosum tree found deep within the French Guiana’s jungle, and each handle features a unique wood grain with light and dark tones reminiscent of snakeskin.

Because of Serpent Wood’s unique nature, no two handles are ever alike. The wooden block is shaped following Opine’s traditional process to create a lightweight, one-of-a-kind handle. The double-polished Sandvik 12C27M stainless steel blade provides features a sleek mirror finish that serves as a nice contrast to the woodsy tones of the handle.

It’s a great-looking knife, and its light 1.8oz weight means it’s easier to maneuver when you need to do some delicate cutting. Its 3.28″ blade length provides plenty of utility, whether for those special projects or outdoor adventures. The thin blade profile has also lent itself to the No.08 and its peers to be excellent food prep knives.

Opinel has been crafting knives and tools in the heart of the French Alps for over 130 years, and they’ve been a staple for EDC for over a decade.  If you’ve been looking for a light, discreet knife to add to your EDC or toolbox, the Opinel No.08 Serpent Wood is a great choice. Check it out at the link below.

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