Orbitkey Sanitiser Holder 2022

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Whether we like it or not, the humble hand sanitizer has become an everyday carry essential for millions worldwide. Thankfully, Orbitkey gives us a compelling reason to conveniently carry one with their all-new Orbitkey Sanitiser Holder, updated for 2022.

Orbitkey released the first version of their Sanitiser Holder in 2020 at the height of the pandemic as part of a quick response initiative to help people maintain good hygiene in fighting the virus. Initially available in three versions–Clip, Retractor, and Lanyard–Orbitkey distributed 500 Sanitiser Holders to essential workers across Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

Two years on, Orbitkey’s new 2022 Sanitiser Holder sees updates in the form of a 50ml refillable and premium aluminum bottle, which comes with a pump dispenser suitable for liquid and gel-based sanitizers. Orbitkey kept things simple by retaining just the original, crowd-favorite Clip design this time. We’re not complaining: the Clip makes it easy to attach the lightweight bottle to any bag or belt loop, keeping it close and accessible whenever needed.

The Orbitkey Sanitiser Holder 2022 is available in three colors: Black, Silver, and Blush, making it an elegant, stylish, and efficient way to clean your hands frequently and conveniently while on the go. Check out the elegant redesign of this new everyday staple at the link below.

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