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The Apple AirTag offers superior tracking and great peace of mind especially for those of us who tend to lose our keys and misplace our bags on a constant basis. But finding the right way to attach the AirTag to your gear is a problem that’s a bit trickier to solve. The official solutions are, for the most, part too big and too bulky for most everyday carry purposes. That’s where Orbitkey has stepped in this year to offer your carry lightweight and minimalist options the best way they know how, with their Slim Case and Leather Holder designed to integrate an Apple AirTag locator into your EDC.

The Orbitkey Slim Case is the go-to option for minimalists. As its name implies, it’s a slim holder for the Apple AirTag, but unlike other offerings out there, the Slim Case integrates a 304 stainless steel key ring into its design. This eliminates having to find your own split rings, and it actually helps reduce the noise of the keys in your pockets with fewer moving parts as well.

And if you’re looking for something more traditional, the Orbitkey Leather Holder takes the place of the traditional leather key fob in your everyday carry. It’s an elegant design that features a holder for the Apple AirTag within its LWG-certified premium leather sleeve. It’s Orbitkey’s patent-pending quick release mechanism that sets this apart from traditional key fobs, however, which allows you to easily attach or detach your keys without having to deal with threading through annoying rings and wire just to reconfigure your pockets.

OrbitKey is currently taking pre-orders for the Slim Case and Leather Holder, and they plan to start shipping them out in the middle of next week. If you’re looking for other ways to organize your keys, you can also take a look at their key organizer solutions that make it easy to manage your keys and other essentials, like the flagship Orbitkey itself, a magnetic and modular system in the Clip v2, and a sleek way to manage your identification with their ID Card Holder System. Check them all out at Orbitkey’s site at the link below.

Check Out the AirTag Slim Case

Check Out the AirTag Leather Holder

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