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Nailing down one’s keychain and finally putting the jumble, jangle, and noise to rest is one of the most satisfying organizational accomplishments for one’s own EDC. But even better than achieving that satisfaction is sharing it with someone with their own keychain emergencies. Orbitkey’s organizers are some of the best ways to tame your pocket beast, and with their new Gift Sets they’ve made it even easier to introduce someone you know to the peace and calm of a put-together EDC.

The new Gift Sets are a greatest hits of Orbitkey’s recent and popular releases that are perfect for giving to a friend or loved one. Each set features a unique Orbitkey colorway paired with one of two useful accessories, and they’re a great way to introduce your giftee to the simplicity and efficiency of a well-kept keychain.

The Key Organiser Set pairs an Orbitkey with the Multi-Tool v2, a stealthy one-piece multitool that can ride alongside your keys and offers 9 total functions. These include a pry bar, a flathead screwdriver, a PH2 Phillips-head screwdriver, a letter opener, a metric ruler, an imperial ruler, a box cutter, a coarse file, and when you need a little break from work, you can use the ever reliable bottle opener to crack open a cold one.

The Orbitkeys themselves come in two new colorways in a limited edition Crazy Horse leather (which gets its name from its use in saddle making): Black with Blue Stitching to match midnight loadouts, and Chestnut Brown for a perfect complement to traditional leather ensemble.

The Key Organiser and Clip Bundle instead pairs a blacked-out, premium Saffiano leather organizer and its distinct textured crosshatch pattern with a Clip v2,  Orbitkey’s magnetic carabiner and split ring solution for modular and convenient keychain carry. The Clip v2 features a sturdier new all-metal zinc alloy build for its carabiner, and a magnetic Fidlock quick-release system lets you swap out keysets with ease if you transition between loadouts or locales.

Like all Orbitkeys, each organizer features a post system that can hold 2-7 keys stacked together, and holds them in place with a signature steel locking mechanism. The stainless steel construction improves durability and helps prevent stripping screws when dialing the pivot to your preferred tension. Once set, you can swivel keys out or tuck them back into place—smoothly, silently, and consistently.

Give the gift of organization with Orbitkey’s Gift Sets, which you can check out at their site at the link below.

Check Out the Key Organiser Set

Check Out the Key Organiser and Clip Bundle

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