Orbitkey Nest KonMari Edition

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Does the way you currently organize your tech EDC spark joy? If not, you’ll want to check out this collaboration between creative carry specialists Orbitkey and tidying expert Marie Kondo. Both Orbitkey and Marie Kondo are passionate about organization, and the limited-edition KonMari | Orbitkey Nest, with its unique stone colorway, delivers their shared tidying philosophy perfectly. Orbitkey’s award-winning Nest is a portable and customizable desk organizer designed to help you stay organized and tidy at the office or on the go. Its hardshell carrying case protects your electronics when traveling, while its modular interior organization offers several ways to customize your compartments to suit your specific needs.

The wireless Qi charger on the lid makes it a great “home base” for items that use wireless charging tech, like your phone, AirPods, or smartwatch, allowing you to charge them while you work. Next to the embedded charger, you have a valet tray section roomy enough for the rest of your essentials, like a slim wallet, keys, and pocket knife. The underside of the lid has compartments that let you store cards you don’t often use to free up space in your wallet, together with an elastic pouch for smaller items that are easy to lose, like SD cards or a spare house key.

You can separate the top tray from the internal storage to easily retrieve items while you work at your desk, or you can simply flip the lid open like a book to access your essentials whenever needed. Inside, a soft fabric lining serves as the base for six Velcro-bottomed dividers, which you can move around to create custom-sized compartments to store your gear safely. You can pick and choose how many partitions to use and position them as needed to suit your needs, which is perfect for those who change their kit often.

Each KonMari | Orbitkey Nest is wrapped in a custom-made indigo and cream furoshiki with a modern sashiko pattern designed exclusively for this collaboration. Furoshiki are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths that are reusable and sustainable. You can reuse them as a gift-wrapping alternative or as a tablecloth or reusable napkin.

Whether at home or work, the KonMari | Orbitkey Nest is a great way to declutter and stay organized as you go about your daily commute, allowing you to simplify how you organize your gear so you can focus more on productivity. Pick yours up at the link below.

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