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As a result of this pandemic, chances are you’ve taken to carrying a face mask and hand sanitizer with you whenever you head out. Simply wearing a mask is an easy way to carry one, but for a small squirt bottle of hand sanitizer, it’s not so simple. There hasn’t been a solution for hand sanitizer that’s easy to carry, intuitive to use, and unlikely to expose the rest of your belongings to germs and viruses. That’s why Orbitkey took their design chops to solving this carry conundrum, all while contributing to good causes as well. Their new Sanitiser Holder system gives you three ways to safely and elegantly keep hand sanitizer, well, handy, and separate from the rest of your gear. Even better, 100% of the profits from Sanitiser Holders are donated to charities and organizations helping those impacted by COVID-19 as part of their Helping Hands Initiative. If you want a beautiful way to EDC your hand sanitizer, keeping you and others safe, while giving to a good cause, be sure to check this out.

All three designs of the Sanitiser Holder are designed to carry a compact refillable squeeze bottle. The bottle itself is made from amber plastic for some UV protection, while the bottle cap dispenses sanitizer by pushing down on one side to open. This choice of cap can accommodate more common gel-based sanitizers compared to spray bottles, and reduces the risk and hassle of dropping bottles or losing a cap compared to a twist-off design.

You have three choices for carrying your hand sanitizer, all designed with ease of access and hygiene in mind. The retractor style puts the bottle on a retractable cable that you can clip to your belt or pants, letting you conveniently pour sanitizer and return it to your belt and away from your other essentials. The lanyard design gives you a fixed-length cord you can wear around your neck or looped onto a bag strap if clipping to a waistband or belt isn’t an option. Lastly, the clip option features Orbitkey’s own carabiner design used for their popular key organizers. The clip option is arguably the most versatile of the three, letting you attach it to your belt loop, bag straps, keychain, and more. All designs attach to the bottle via a premium leather loop with a subtle branding detail.

Buying this helpful holder also helps others, as profits from your purchase can go to your choice of four charities: the CDC Foundation, World Vision, Doctors Without Borders, and Save the Children. Learn more about the Sanitiser Holders and the Helping Hands Initiative from Orbitkey at the link below.

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