Our Favorite New Fenix Flashlights for 2021

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One exciting thing to look forward to at the start of every year is the flood of new EDC gear being released. This year is looking promising with many renowned companies having already announced their drops for this first quarter, including lighting manufacturer, Fenix. They’ve been a major brand in the EDC community for many years now, gaining renown and trust thanks to their reliable flashlights of all types. Whether you’re after a tactical light, a general purpose EDC torch, or a high-powered keychain flashlight, there’s something to keep on your radar from Fenix’s newly released lights for 2021.

Fenix TK16 V2.0

Sporting a Luminus SST70 LED, this tactical light can put out a maximum of 3,100 lumens, powered by a 21700 battery that you can recharge via USB-C. The relatively compact body measures in at 5.6“, featuring an aircraft-grade aluminum construction that keeps it light at 3.95oz. And while it is light enough, this advanced construction also gives it much needed durability, making it waterproof to an IP68 standard. As far as the operation goes, you’ll gain access to 6 different modes. These range all the way from a 30 lumen ECO mode for extended battery life, all the way to the previously mentioned 3,100 lumen Turbo, a brightness also used in its Strobe mode. For tactical purposes, it features a tungsten strike bezel and a dual rear-switch design that allows for a complete one-handed operation. You can carry this light with its pocket clip, attached to a lanyard, or slipped inside its included holster.

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Fenix PD32 V2.0

For a more compact option that still delivers EDC-worthy performance, the PD32 is a solid choice. The use of an OSRAM KW CSLPM1.TG LED in combination with rechargeable 18650 batteries will give you a maximum output of 1,200 lumens. This tough aluminum light measures just a bit over 5″ in length and has a 1″ diameter, giving it a reduced weight of 2.89oz. It features 4 different modes: a 30 lumen low, a 350 lumen medium, a 1,200 lumen turbo and a 1,200 lumen Strobe mode as well. Its scalloped tail switch design allows for familiar ice-pick grip, but still lets the light stand on its tail like a candle for emergency situations. Carry options also include a pocket clip, a lanyard, or its included holster.

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Fenix LR50R

If you’re looking for some serious power, look no further. Thanks to the use of 4 Luminus SST70 LED’s, this light can put out up to 12,000 lumens to an impressive 950 meters. A dual side switch grants access to 6 different brightness settings and a Strobe mode. A USB-C rechargeable 16000mAh battery pack powers this robust torch, doubling as an external battery pack to recharge your other EDC devices in a pinch. With an IP68 rating, this light measures 6.42“ long and weighs in at a considerable 34.8 oz. To deal with this increased weight, the LR50R not only comes with a lanyard and a holster, but also a shoulder strap.

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Fenix E-Lite

While the Fenix E-Lite may be much smaller than the rest of the lights in Fenix’s new lineup, it packs quite the punch. It features a dual light configuration with a main emitter at the head of the light, and an auxiliary side light. The former comes with three different brightness settings, ranging from 5 to 150 lumens in a familiar orientation and beam pattern for general purpose EDC. The latter features a red and a blue light, perfect for signaling in emergency situations or for increased visibility when commuting. Its lightweight, ultra-portable design measures 2.05″ long and weighs in at only 0.63 oz. Its integrated pocket clip, lets you easily secure it to a bag strap, bicycle, or hat among many other places. Its built-in 275mAh Li-polymer battery can be recharged via USB-C for convenience.

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