Our Favorite New Spyderco Knives for 2021

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Spyderco needs no introduction for many people both new and veterans to EDC. They’ve produced some of the most popular, iconic, and award-winning knives to hit the market, and every year is a consistent cycle of refreshing and refining their dependable catalog. And for 2021 they’ve done just that, updating old favorites while steadily introducing exciting new models for users and collectors alike. In this quick round-up we’re highlighting a few of our favorite upcoming releases in 2021 from Spyderco’s first release of the year.

Lil’ Native Slip Joint

The Native is a model that highlights some of Spyderco’s best features: the iconic leaf shape blade with signature Round Hole, ergonomic G-10 handles, a rock-solid compression lock, and a reversible clip. The Lil’ Native takes it a step further by bringing the size to a more manageable and locale-friendly EDC size with a 2.42“ blade. This is further refined this year as the Lil’ Native gets the slip joint treatment for its compact CPM-S30V plain edge blade/ It’s a great option for areas with stricter laws, while packing all of the original Native’s favorite features.

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Para Military 2 Cru-Wear

The Para Military 2 (PM2) has stood the test of time as one of the best knives for EDC thanks to a large and useful 3.47“ blade, comfortable shape, and tried and true build quality. It’s been remixed and refreshed in a ton of ways, mixing steels and colors and materials, and thanks to its utility and popularity, it shows no signs of stopping. This year the PM2 gets the premium treatment with its use of Crucible Cru-Wear steel and its top-tier combination of high wear resistance and toughness, paired with brown micarta on the handles for a natural grip that develops a personalized patina over time.

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The Phoenix joins the Spyderco ranks as a new model for 2021, and features a unique curved design courtesy of designer Howard Viele. This Sprint Run uses the uncommon Spyderco Ball-Bearing lock to secure its 3.05“ modified drop point VG-10 blade. This patented compressive lock wedges a ball bearing between a fixed anvil and the blade tang to lock it in place while open, and also serves as a detent to hold the blade when closed. Last but not least, titanium handles add to the Phoenix’s exclusive design, accented with red G-10 for an improved grip on the back of the hand.

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