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Timeless and classic are the two hallmarks of a gent’s everyday carry, and quality leather goods are some of the best additions you can make to bring a sophisticated edge to your EDC. One brand that exemplifies these hallmarks in their own artisan-crafted goods is Popov Leather. What started out as a passion project in 2013, the brand has since grown into a full-blown production shop putting out leather goods and EDC accessories with innovative designs, quality materials, and tight construction to stand the test of time. And because of the wide range of products available from Popov, you can come close to an all-leather everyday carry ensemble. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite leather items that you can buy right now from the craftsmen at Popov Leather to start you on your journey.

Popov Leather Apple Watch Strap in Heritage Brown

If you’re looking to add a touch of class to your essential smartwatch, Popov Leather makes an Apple Watch strap that’s compatible with any size and any model of the watch you might have on your wrist. It features full grain Horween leather that’s hand-sewn with thick Tiger Thread. This combination means that the leather will patina over time, giving it character, and the watch strap won’t fall apart like cheaper cloth alternatives might.

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Popov Leather Belt

Sometimes it can be too easy to forget that a man’s belt is an essential part of everyday carry, and picking the wrong one can mean the difference between having a good day and a bad one with everything falling apart. A good belt doesn’t just hold your act together, it looks great too, and the English Tan belt from Popov Leather features a timeless design that looks good especially when paired with a nice set of jeans. Each edge of the belt has been burnished and polished, making it smooth and easy to use. The full-grain Horween leather has been treated to reach maximum supple feel while maintaining durability, and the brass hardware will stand up to more than a few day’s adventures.

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Popov Leather Traditional Wallet in English Tan

If a classic bifold wallet is your go-to, Popov Leather’s Traditional Wallet should be your first stop. It features a convenient bill fold design for quick access to your cash without having to fiddle about with unfolding the bills or dealing with complicated holding mechanisms. Plus it works well with American, Canadian, and UK currency, making it great for travel use too. There are six hand-sewn card pockets that can fit at least two cards in each pocket, giving you a massive 12 card capacity if you need it. And with its lifetime guarantee, this could possibly be the last wallet you’ll need to buy.

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Popov Leather Field Notes Cover

If you carry a pocket notebook like the crowd-favorite Field Notes, a quality notebook cover can extend the life of your notebook to ensure it’ll last until the very last page is filled. The Popov Leather Field Notes Cover not only protects your notebook with its durable, premium Horween leather, but it also features two slots for cards and a dedicated external one-size-fits-all pen loop for a convenient, consolidated carry. It’s designed with portability and longevity in mind, and can conveniently still fit in your pocket at just 3.9“ x 6.3” x 0.4“. 

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Popov Leather 5 Card Wallet

If a more minimalist look is more your style, you can keep the heritage design and timeless quality of a Popov Leather wallet by picking their 5 Card wallet, featuring a slim cardholder design with a serious attention to detail from the contrasting Tiger Thread hand stitching and the sanded, burnished, and polished edges of the full-grain Horween Chromexcel leather wallet. And despite the slim design there’s still enough space to hold up to 10 folded bills and 5 payment cards.

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Popov Leather Valet Tray

Whether you’re coming home or gearing up to head out for the day, a valet tray makes it easy to keep your EDC ready to go, all in one place. Constructed from full-grain USA Horween leather and sturdy brass snap closures, the Popov Leather Valet Tray provides a beautiful storage solution to consolidate and protect your essentials. The 6″ x 6″ base is sized just right for your pockets’ worth of essentials so you’re not scrambling to find your keys in the morning, and when the snaps are undone the tray lays flat for storage or travel.

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You can browse all of Popov Leather’s goods and accessories at their website linked below.

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This is a sponsored post presented by Popov Leather.

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