My Everyday Carry


submitted by romanmarquez

Old iPhone
Car keys, Budweiser bottle opener
Timex Dress Strap watch with J Crew Nato strap
Prescription Ray Ban New Wayfarers
Louis Vuitton wallet

Editor’s Note: Sorry to use this submission as an example but I feel this is just too much fashunz and not enough utility.  It might just be because I read Timex, J.Crew NATO, Wayfarers and Louis Vuitton all at once. At best, the most you can do with this carry is crack open a beer or call a friend to borrow a knife, and the rest of your stuff isn’t exactly original or interesting. I’m using this post to demonstrate there’s a difference between the things you have in your pockets/wrist/face and EDC

(At least you don’t carry a single boat shoe or a Gameboy cartridge protector :p)

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