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submitted by John from Seattle

True Minimalism

Big fan of the site and spent a lot of time at Candlepower, too. I have a feeling my pocket dump doesn’t reflect this, but every item is completely thought out.

My concept is minimalism. I actually have a functional spec: Inexpensive stuff, not decorative, and typically not the handcrafted vibe. This is what I carry in my jeans, which can be tight-fitting. I’ve tried keys on hooks, but didn’t like the look or the jangling. To get to this I did a lot of reduction: keys are minimal, wallet is stripped to the bone, etc.. So I guess this is more about that then the gear.

So, the gear: iphone 4 in Incipio case (hybrid rubber/smooth plastic), Momentum dive watch, keys on stainless steel chain - this is very forgiving in the pocket, kind of molds to you. Uitli-key; I know, hated by EDCers, but there is nothing smaller and as functional. Maratac AAA flashlight; amazing performance/price ratio, and very small. I also like standard batteries. Car clicker and key, what can I say? I’m looking for ways to make this smaller. The two keys I have to carry. BigSkinny wallet; this is the one, it really works, and fits my aesthetic. 

Editor’s Note: Interesting use of literal key chain as opposed to something like a split ring that we’re more used to seeing. I suppose that for pocket carry, having some flexibility might help with letting everything settle better as you mentioned. I carry off the waist myself, so I’ve never really thought about this (it would jingle too much and probably wouldn’t last as long as a solid split ring). Good idea, thanks for sharing and keep up that clean carry.

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