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Hey EDC!  Thanks so much for the pages and pages of budget destroying goodness… Anyway, here’s my core EDC, I add and remove from this as needed.  Nothing special or flashy, but I wanted to express my thanks by submitting!

-Ubiquitous Apple iPhone 4 in Incase Slider case – thinnest case I could find with any drop protection.

-Mighty Wallet – Folded from a single piece of Tyvek.  It’s the thinnest wallet I could find, and as a front-pocket carrier, thinness is important.  It’s also nearly indestructible from regular wear and tear.

-Summit Creek Dry Goods Keychain #2 with

-Subaru remote key

-4sevens Quark Mini 123

-Peter Atwood G3 Prybaby – Might be superfluous with a multi-tool, but I still use it all the time, and I get tons of compliments/questions about it.

-House, office, Yakima Rack system, and ’67  Porsche Keys

-CRKT Vector folder.  This is a stopgap between my broken Spyderco and the Chris Reeves folder I someday hope to have… the CRKT is still a solid EDC knife though, with a very low profile in the pocket.

-Mont Blonc Noblesse roller ball – to class up the joint a bit.

-Luminox Navy Seals dive watch.  I’ve had this for 10 years now, damn thing is a tank.

-Leatherman Skeletool CX.  I sometimes carry a Wave instead, but the convenience of a pocket clip usually means I’m carrying this…

-Maui Jim Peahi sunglass and softcase/cleaning cloth.  Hands down the best all-around lenses I’ve ever seen.

Since I started reading this blog, I got the SCDG keychain and the 4sevens Quark Mini 123 based on recommendations and pictures here.  The keychain rocks and makes carrying a large remote key less painful.  The Quark Mini replaced a Maglight Solitaire, which sucked, and allowed me not to have to carry my Surefire around on a daily basis.  Thanks for the help and for the blog!!

Editor’s Note: Hey Marx, I’m glad you found the blog helpful. I really like that Mini 123/Prybaby combo on the SCDG keychain. I’m still looking for something to replace my Mini CR2 NW on my keychain myself… Anyway, interesting Tyvek wallet there, it looks like it could be a viable option for front-pocket wallet carriers looking for a slimmer carry. Nice Luminox, I’m not surprised it’s lasted for 10 years. Those things are bombproof! And lastly, I hope you finally get that CRK you’re after. Nice carry for now, keep it up and thanks for sharing.

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