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Great Grandads steampunk edc o so retro 1890’s style. his led torch a carbide lamp his gun taken from a German in the war a 320 centerfire  with clip for 10 rounds, I believe Bignose Kate carried one of these for her own personal protection. There is a trapper knife his favoured type as one could shave with it and the “iphone bling” of his day a gold pocket watch. if he had wanted to message someone a telegram was the order of the day or maybe send a letter…………..first class. The multitool is called a roundlet with a number of tools including a small prybar/tack lifter, two slotted screwdrivers which fit the pistol, an awl, a screw head bradawl, a spike and last and by no means least for a middle class gent a corkscrew he had a rope lighter but can I find it? when I do I will post

Editor’s Note: This is pretty awesome! Interesting to see these older gadgets, especially in such great shape. Thanks for sharing.

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