My Everyday Carry


submitted by georgechen

- Hazard 4 mil-wafer wallet. 
- iPhone 4 + Magpul case.
- Strider PT in black.
- Car key.
- 4Sevens Qmini.
- Swiss Army knife USB drive 4GB + tiny scissor version.
- Mega Dangler.
- Short 550 Paracord.
- Titanium Money Clip.

Editor’s Note: Good example of a minimalist carry here. You have a super-solid primary EDC blade that isn’t excessively long or unwieldy for most EDC tasks, backed by a keychain system providing your illumination and multitool functions. The keychain is kept slimmed down but also offers added utility in both the paracord lanyard for cordage and retrieval, and the Munroe Megadangler works as both a bottle opener type tool and a suspension clip to carry your keys easily in pocket. Lastly, separating your cash and cards into a wallet and moneyclip can better distribute bulk for a more symmetrical carry, which can free up space in some pockets and utilize some unused pocket space in others for a more balanced, comfortable feel. Good work, thanks for sharing!

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