My Everyday Carry


submitted by boylillikoi

Ray bans, moleskine, stainless steel sharpie, my father’s old wallet, cold steel ti-lite, blackberry 9650, keychain w/car keys, guitar pick holder, small knife, house keys.

I know what you’re going to say…no flashlight! but I bought the flashlight app on my blackberry that uses the camera flash and its works quite well for my everyday uses.

Editor’s Note: IONO MANG. I have a phone that could be a clock, notebook/pen and flashlight but I carry physical versions. Don’t know if I’m down with the idea of paying for an ‘app’ to use as a flashlight. At least there isn’t an app for cutting stuff. Seriously though you could buy a Fenix E01 for less than $15, throw an AAA in there and it will last you forever…/obligatoryflashlightrecommendation

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