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The Things I Carry: 2 Chainz via The FADER

Editor’s Note: Interesting setup there. I notice your wallet has a chain, which is a good idea to maintain maximum retention, especially if you are particularly conspicuous about how much money you have on you at any given time. With that said, it seems the wallet size, despite being at the maximum size for comfortable pocket carry, is insufficient for holding all of your cash. Judging by your method of retaining cash (such as rubber bands or friction and gravity) I would suggest investing in a larger moneyclip (perhaps the Superiortitanium Viper would serve you well) or even a small to medium-sized satchel with a $ symbol on it. They say time is money, and you have plenty of it, so it’s good that you wear a watch to manage all of that. I like the extra large lighter too — it should last longer at the expense of pocket space, but perhaps you have more to work with than the average EDCer. I must applaud your abundance of backups. You have not one, not two, but three phones because when there’s an app for everything, who needs tools? Lastly, it’s most evident that you subscribe to the “two is one; one is none” adage with your dual-chain carry (and even moreso reflected in your name). While nice pieces, I would say your firearm would not be the most effective in self-defense despite being easily accessible as a necker.

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