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Editor’s Note: Hi everyone, I’ll be going to the Philippines for a couple of weeks to address some family matters and I am not sure of the internet situation yet, so I apologize in advance if the posting frequency on the site becomes less consistent. To try to make it up to you, here’s a little shot of what I’ll likely be carrying overseas:

I’d likely be carrying this pack with my camera, or inside of my RUSH 24. My RUSH24 will keep a compact spare change of clothes, a compact umbrella, my laptop and charger, a book, and so on… I’d prefer to have a less “tactical” look and a more fobby asian look just to blend in better I guess! I don’t anticipate needing too much gear as I’ll be in the city, and as I’m not sure of the knife laws exactly, I’ll play it safe with a SAK.

Anyway, thanks for looking. If I see cool gear during my travels, it’ll likely end up on @carrygram!

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