My Everyday Carry


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My true-to-God pocket dump / EDC. I do lurk these things around and secretly wish I could make the carry slimmer.

Left to right:

- bumpered iPhone 4
- Hard Graft Card wallet with petty cash and cc
- UF Cree Q5  & Opinel No. 6 bundle in Chickentex sleeve*.
- Car key, house keys, lighter

*the pouch has its story: it’s a re-purposed sleeve that swag Crumpler keychains come in.

Forgot to take off wrist the Swatch Wildly Irony Chronograph but trust me it looks nice with the dump.

Dan of

Editor’s Note: Hey Dan, keeping your knife and flashlight in that little sleeve is pretty cool… I imagine it would be easier to ‘gear up’ in the morning and it helps keep things in their place. This is a rather minimal carry but it should do the job for most general EDC tasks. I think maybe a small Swiss Army Knife would look good on your keychain (keeping that red/white/silver motif would be easy too) and add a little bit more functionality here. Thanks for sharing and nice work on Notes!

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