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My Everyday Carry

Everyday Carry

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Damn, looking at all that EDC pics, I bet Sherlock Holmes could read it all.

Seems like some guys are pretty knive-obsessed, I really wonder why no one seriously carries a straight razor…

This is the EDC of a german Industrial Designer/Photographer/Musician:

  • Ray Ban Clubmaster - classic eyebrow glasses
  • Zippo lighter - great beer bottle opener for a Gentleman
  • Moleskine Sketchbook - quite essential for a creative dude, I use it heavily during my daily commute for doodling all types of thoughts
  • Lamy 408 pen - contains 3 colors; I love sketching w/ a ball pen, because you can start doodling very light and get bolder lines by pushing the pen harder
  • ring - boy I left that one at someone’s house recently and was dogged by bad luck ‘til I got the ring back…
  • Carhartt wallet - threw away the original chain and replaced it w/ this anchor chain I bought at some biker store 15 years ago
  • Seiko SKX007K - apologies for the NATO strap. Change it to a shark mesh bracelet from time to time tough. Never been happier w/ a watch.
  • AKG In-ears - ‘cause that Apple headset is pure crap…
  • Leatherman Micra - not enough knife for a proper picnic, but just perfect for my EDC; love the scissors
  • LiteXpress Mini Palm 101 light - 21 Lumen of awesomeness, uses standard batteries
  • bike and house keys - all w/ light ‘n Leatherman it’s barely suitable to carry in your pant pocket without looking like a pusher…
  • Fuji X100 camera - I taped the cam black, so it looks crappy and less like a show off

submitted by derwal

Editor’s Note: Derwal, knives are incredibly useful tools for many contributors here (although for others, their admiration and passion for knife collecting might outweigh the actual practical need for a knife, but no problem with that). I know you’re joking, but carrying a straight razor is illegal pretty much everywhere and one wouldn’t be practical for EDC use (lack of a hard lock, weird grip ergonomics for cutting like a knife, blunted tip, etc). I don’t mean to knock SRs though, I will admit I’m personally a fan of gourmet wet shaving! It’s just not suitable for EDC.

Anyway, onto your carry — the loadout is very coherent and appropriate for your line of work, so good job for putting all that thought into it. I like the notebook and the multipen, especially for creative work. Nice keychain setup too, but if you find yourself struggling to tame your pocket bulge, consider a P7 suspension clip. It lets you hang your keychain, suspended in your pocket, so it doesn’t bunch up at the bottom of your pocket and carries a little slimmer and more comfortably. Lastly, nice touches on the X100 with the gaffer tape and the black strap on the watch. Makes for a more subdued look! Thanks for sharing.

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