My Everyday Carry


  • Bladeart Mission Wallet containing:
  • Spyderco Dragonfly2
  • Swisscard Pen
  • Swisstech 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • iPhone 4s in Ikonic Edge case (with eBay folding reading glasses)
  • Lummi Raw NS 250/40 Lumen with green tritium
    Rolex Submariner
  • submitted by shelt

    Love your blog!  Here’s my EDC, after many generations…

    Editor’s Note: Thanks for the love! Your carry looks to be well organized — good use of those multipurpose pouches for your gear. It’s always interesting to see those urban wallets and how people set theirs up. I also wanted to highlight that awesome Lummi light and how the Dfly is a good EDC blade. I see you want to keep your pen as barebones as possible (as do I), but for something a little sturdier and more comfortable (but still very compact) take a look at the Pilot Birdy Mini SS. I reviewed it here. Otherwise nice setup, thanks for sharing!

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