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submitted by Sean

This site has become a daily fixation for me since I came across it. Thanks for putting in as much effort as you do! As a token of my gratitude, here’s a shot of my current EDC. Not the most streamlined, nor is it themed, but it works for me.

- Vintage US Army Zippo
- CRKT M16-01Z
- Ubiquitous Fischer Space Pen
- Fenix LD01/Saab Key/Keys with Red Moon leather covers on Stussy S-Biner
- Alzuni Long-Wallet and braided lanyard
- Chapstick (Necessary for Canadian winters)
- Paracord bracelet
- Sterile Dial Submariner on G10 stap
- Cell phone on leather landyard.
- Burberry handcloth.
- Field Notes in MS & Co. selvedge denim sleeve.
- All this on top of my pair of Eternal 883’s. (They’re also everyday.)

I’m hoping to invest in a second, slightly larger flashlight in the near future, as well as upgrade the S-Biner to another belt-hook like you can sort-of see on my wallet lanyard. 

Cheers, and thanks again. 
- A fellow SuFu-er.

Editor’s Note: Hey Sean, glad you like the site. I can tell you have an appreciation for things like denim and leather goods (as do a lot of my readers with interest in menswear/fashion), but it’s hard to incorporate something like a midlength wallet just because of how large it is… These days I like the more simple leather wallets for EDC. Anyway, I hope you did get around to ditching the old-style S-Biner (the Stüssy collaboration unfortunately doesn’t strengthen gate retention) like you said to keep your keys more secure (Sumi might have something you’d be interested in). Not too sure about that selvedge chambray Field Notes sleeve, it seems like it would hinder ease of access just for the sake of being selvedge chambray… Sterile sub looks cool though. Anyway, hope that helps and good luck on your flashlight/keyhook search. Thanks for sharing~

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