My Everyday Carry


submitted by Franklin C

Pretty simple. From Left to Right:

Charles Hubert Pocket Watch
Alvin Draftmatic Pencil 0.9mm
Laguiole 9cm w/ Snakewood Handle
Muji Notepad
TOJ Small Zip Wallet
Nexus 1
Camp Nano Carabiner + Keys

I try to keep everything pretty functional yet classy at the same time. Pocket watch rather than wrist watch due to a metal allergy. I usually keep the pencil and notepad in the breast pocket of my shirt or jacket. As an architect I often need paper to sketch out an idea or write down measurements and Muji notebooks/notepads are perfect for that. No bullshit, just paper. I chose a Laguiole over a more tactical knife because I only really use it for little things like opening boxes, cutting material during model making, etc. Wallet and Phone are pretty self explanatory. The Carabiner might seem out of place a little but I chose it for its ability to easily attach to my belt loop and for its durability. I also go rock climbing when I can and chose a carabiner because I know it won’t be breaking any time soon.

Editor’s Note: Great.. love that Laguiole and pocket watch! Good idea to keep the pencil and notepad in a breast/jacket pocket, as those drafting pencils can bend at the tip if not carried carefully (say, in your pants pockets). Also nice call on the carabiner, doesn’t hurt to have more durability and gate retention when it comes to keys. Thanks for sharing~

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