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submitted by Jeff

Just received my new Spyderco Ambitious and 4Sevens Quark 123 Tactical and thought I’d finally share my EDC!

The EDC of a College Student
+ Moleskine daily planner
+ Sharbo X Multi pen [Side note: I bought it because of your rave reviews. This is literally my favorite (and most expensive) writing utensil.]
+ Borgo Etruschi wallet
+ Zebra Mini T3 pen (clips into wallet, uses the same ink cartridges as the Sharbo X)
+ Assorted keys with Countycomm Derlin Capsule (I hide a $20 in there for emergencies)
+ Droid 2
+ Spyderco Ambitious (Best sub-2.5” campus legal knife!)
+ 4Sevens Quark 123 Tactical (no clip)
+ Paracord bracelet
+ Timex Ironman watch (Sinn watch will have to wait until after graduation)
+ Countycomm Diplomat Pocket Organizer with personal hygiene and school supplies

PS:  Keep up the awesome work. Your site has made me totally rethink my EDC system. As a fellow college student, I would be interested to hear how you carry your Leafstorm and mini123. What is your preferred carry method and how comfortable is it? I put the Ambitious in my left pocket with the Droid 2 and pack my keys, Sharbo X, and Quark into my right pocket.  I also prefer gutted paracord pull cords over ungutted.

Editor’s Note: Hey Jeff, nice carry! Some great choices all around. That mini Zebra pen clipped to the wallet is pretty clever, I’ve seen some people do something similar with those Fisher Space Pens but it’s smart to have a backup that takes the same refills as your primary pen. I like the Pocket Organizer especially for your school supplies and such, I really need to assemble a few of those as my pen collection grows… As for how I carry, I usually just clip the knife to my back right pocket and hang my keys (Mini CR2) off my belt loop. I don’t really like pocketing keys as they’re usually bulky, and I can live with the sound of them clacking. I just make sure my clip’s key retention is up to par. Thanks for sharing.

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