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Been reading your tumblr for a while now, decided to take my first stab at EDC. I’m a college student finishing his master thesis and am limited in both funds and available pocket space (skinny jeans aren’t great for carry), so focus is on size and affordability.

From left to right:

Asthma inhaler
True EDC: simply can’t leave home without it.

ITP A1 EON SS R2 light
The cheaper clone of the 4Sevens Mini123 - real tiny and cute on my keychain, but with a surprising output from its CREE LED.

Lacie Iamakey 8GB
Plastic keychain USB sticks tend to break off. This one is made entirely out of metal.

Troika slim wallet
Combined slim moneyclip and cardholder. Designed to hold 3 cards, but carries my minimum 7 (ATM card, creditcard, health insurance, driver’s license, buscard, railcard, AAA).

Apple iPhone4
Applied a wraparound sticker (against deathgrip) and a Leica vinyl decal (just for fun).

Prometheus CR1
Portuguese brand that built a Sinn style watch from Asian parts, but with quality control in Europe. You get a hefty toolwatch (7750 style mechanical chronograph, scratchproof sapphire glass, etc) for an extremely low price, without the QC problems that often plague Chinese watches.

Victorinox Tinker small swiss army knife
Smallest SAK that has screwdrivers, the tool I most regularly need. I love wine but if I have the time to drink it, I probably have the time to find a proper corkscrew.

Editor’s Note: Nice, I can tell you put some thought into the carry while minding a budget too. The result is a stylish, non-threatening, utilitarian general EDC without breaking the bank. The Tinker is one of my favorite SAK configurations too. Good job keeping that keyring and wallet streamlined and organized. Regarding skinny jeans and EDCing — it’s possible, but pocket clips really help with that. Suspending your gear (keychain on your belt, knife clipped to a pocket etc) can prevent bulging up in your pocket. Anyway, good job for just taking a stab at EDC (obviously not literally~~) and thanks for sharing!

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