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Nice website.

I emptied my bag and got really surprised over how much I actually carry with me!

Editor’s Note: While admittedly I am not an expert on purse carry (believe it or not!) I think you have plenty of options of carrying lighter, if that was one of your concerns. For example, I see you are carrying a lot of your items in unnecessary bulk (all your pills, whole spool of thread, etc). If you take only the amounts you need while on the go and store them in some kind of pocket/bag organizer system you can clean things up and cut down on weight. Granted, you have a bag with lots of room but that doesn’t always mean you need to carry more than you need! I like to think of EDC not necessarily as what items you carry with you, but rather how and why you carry what you do. I feel that it’s that type of awareness that distinguishes the EDCer from the next guy with stuff in his pockets. Anyway, you might find some inspiration at packlite as well. Thanks for sharing!

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