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Love your blog!  I had thought I was alone in taking preparedness-gadgets to a fetish level, but it seems I am not. 

Thought I’d inject some estrogen into the submissions.   My everyday must-haves, without which I feel uncomfortable:

Kershaw 5-in-1 carabiner, Chapstick, Wallet, Surefire G2L, iPhone, Glock 19 (& DeSantis paddle holster), Tokidoki Dayplanner, Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil

Editor’s Note: Interesting that you carry a firearm and full-sized flashlight but opt to stick to your carabiner for a primary blade. I am not familiar with CCW EDC, so is this configuration a common occurrence (maybe for tactical applications/target identification?) I haven’t heard the best things about the Kershaw ‘biner… if you find yourself unsatisfied with it maybe you can try switching to a more compact flashlight and key retention option while adding a nice primary folder to your carry. Aside from that, you have your bases covered, so good looks on that. Carry on and thanks for the estrogen~

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