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Hi I´m a physiotherapist in Vienna, Austria and this is my EDC layout. Love this site and the Twitter feed! 2 Thumbs up!

Editor’s Note: Hi there, thanks for the kind words! You’ve got some solid pieces of gear in your lineup, covering many bases with a dedicated folding knife (for the unfamiliar, the “Emerson” opening refers to the little notch where the thumbhole is, also known by “Wave,” which catches onto your pocket as you withdraw your knife, instantly deploying the blade once unclipped), flashlight, pen, and multitools. I do see some redundancy in having two different sized Leathermans, but if multitools are vital in your day to day, having a smaller backup is fine. Otherwise, consider slimming down your carry by swapping out the Squirt for something like a prybar or single piece multitool for different utility. Thanks for sharing!

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