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College student, Malaysia. 
All in all, I’d say it’s a pretty hefty load, and any suggestions to shave a few ounces off it would be great. Currently contemplating to cover the first aid aspects, but the weight still bugs me (help!). 

Editor’s Note: Hi there, thanks for sharing. Your looks good in that it covers the utility you need and it sounds like you’ve found what you like in your gear so far. If you’re concerned about weight, there isn’t too much that I can see to remove completely, but if you’re amenable to some substitution, I’d say you can probably swap out your light, knife, and wallet. For your light, consider a 1xAAA or even a button cell light – if you’re in urban environments more, you might not need the power of a larger light. For your knife, there are plenty of great lightweight folders on the market. I personally have an Al Mar Hawk Ultralight for that. Lastly, you could consider swapping your wallet out for a moneyclip – that should slim down your carry considerably as well. When you start to run out of pages on your notebook, you could look into the extra small offerings from Moleskine, like their Volant Mini. I hope this helps, and best of luck on refining your carry.

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George yuko ·
oh yeah buddy,that is one of the best edc's i have ever seen,i am also a student,and i carry a cheap pepper spray,is the american defender a good one?
also,you should buy an fisher space pen,and a field notes,for multitool,a ps4 squirt....