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I’m relatively new to EDC, being drawn in mainly by coveting the stuff on this blog (among others). Here’s my current pocket/bag dump. Though I have carried some of this for years, I’ve just added the knife and the light. I’m a science teacher, so this is very much (sub)urban rather than tacticool, and it is proving useful much more often than I had anticipated.

Earpeace Livewires T1 IEM’s - (customs, and they sound fierce)
iPhone 3GS + casecrown case
Tombow zoom 414 - (pencil + black, red ink)
iPod Shuffle 2Gb - (for the gym only)
Sheffield Rogers Lambsfoot - (sturdy, classic pen-knife, all I can reasonably carry at school)
iTP A2 EOS - (a ‘gateway drug’ that already has me looking for more)
Casio ‘cuff-eater’ classic - (I’m sure it has a proper model-number somewhere)
Berghaus wallet
Keys + Araldite-cased flash drive. (original casing broke, it looks ropey, but is solid as a rock)
iPad - 1st gen - completely replaced my netbook, apart from at school.

I have an Iain Sinclair Cardsharp on the way (if it ever ships), and am currently coveting a flashlight upgrade, something from Peter Atwood to live on the keys, and maybe a new watch.

Editor’s Note: Interesting loadout. Good call on the classic penknife, especially if you don’t want to attract the wrong kind of attention. Cool DIY fix on the flash drive. I would recommend getting a smaller split ring for your keys, but given their size I suppose you probably need a bigger ring for those. The iTP line is a great value, but I agree, they leave you wanting just a little bit more… Lastly, awesome IEMs! I want to try the custom route one day myself. Thanks for sharing.

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