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First of all, I love the site. It’s obviously a great idea, but it’s your application of the idea that really impresses me. Simple, clear, concise and educational. What more could I ask for when adding RSS feeds to my google reader page?

Note, these items are what I typically carry in my briefcase daily. Bag is a Filson 256, their smallest, original briefcase. It fits my 15” laptop, a few files and items pictured (but not much else). I travel for business frequently and the only item that changes is the multi-tool which I remove for air travel.

Top row, from left to right:

1. Small gray nylon pouch from Lowes, brand is WorkForce and measures 5”x6”. Inside are easy to lose items such as:

  • Small stapler & staples
  • Cellular air card for laptop
  • Paperclips, 3x5 index cards, rubber bands, binder clips (not shown)
  • Photo copies of all my ID’s, credit cards, health insurance cards

2. Two blackberry’s (work and personal)
3. Ipod Touch

  • Shure SE315 in-ear monitor headphones (not pictured). These are sound isolating and great for air travel. Not great for walking around town as they completely block all outside sound.
  • The plastic thing on the ipod is a ‘MoviePeg’ stand. Props it at a perfect viewing angle for air travel.

4. Small plastic alien given to me by my [then] four yr old son. Good-luck charm.

Bottom row, from left to right:

5. Large Moleskine notebook. Reporter style (flips open from top).
6. 6” Aviation Mechanic’s Key Ring attached to Filson 256

  • USB Flash Drives
  • Leatherman Squirt P4

7. Wallet - Coach Card Case & money clip, black leather
8. Corter Leather Card Case for business cards, hotel keys, etc. in natural leather
9. Flashlight - Fenix P3D (single CR123)
10. Batuca Battery carrier w/4 CR123’s
11. Aluminum Pill Fob - ibuprofin, sudafed, etc.
12. Purell and Carmex
13. Pocket Briefcase - fits in shirt pocket or suit jacket pocket. Holds ~two dozen 3x5 index cards for jotting down notes, business cards and small Zebra retractable ballpoint pen.
14. Jawbone bluetooth headset
15. Watch - Rolex GMTIIC, great for multi-timezone travel. I sometimes bring two watches, the other is most often an Omega Seamaster 2254.50.
16. Bergeron Springbar tool (pictured to the left of the watch). I specifically use the plastic version for travel since it is lighter and less likely to be taken by TSA. I remove the tips and store them along with extra 20mm springbars in the small plastic memory card case.
17. Pens

  • Stainless Zebra F701
  • Stainless Zebra F402 (same as above w/rubber grip)
  • CountyComm Embassy Pen
  • Sharpie w/stainless barrel
  • Sharpie liquid highlighter
  • Jones Brothers Stylus impact tool (made of smooth G10 with pointed - not sharp - titanium rod inside). Has passed through TSA security hundreds of times.

Editor’s Note: Firstly, thanks for the support. My first thought is wow — that’s a lot of gear, so thank you for the thorough explanation for your carry. I admire that while it might not seem to cover the “traditional” bases most EDCers look for, it obviously and coherently fits your professional needs. Within that, your choices of gear are top quality and well thought out, from having an ‘arsenal’ of pens to backup batteries for your light, which is important if you travel often. Great job and thanks for sharing.

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