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This site is my inspiration for getting into EDC, which is not a widely recognised practice here in Australia. For example, at the family lunch yesterday no one really understood the utility of my paracord bracelet. Anyway, you’re helping noobs like me catch up so it’s appreciated. Keep up the hard work – this site rocks!

  • Spec Ops Wallet – too bulky so replacing with a smaller leather wallet
  • Nitecore Ex-11
  • Benchmade Emissary
  • Paracord Bracelet
  • Suunto Core (with Zagg screen protector)
  • SOG Powerlock
  • 1.5cm x 50cm length of Velcro


  • -          Res-Q-Me (Swiss Tech and Benchmade make better versions)
  • -          $50 inside black capsule
  • -          Tru Utility lighter (to be replaced with the Split Pea). Never lights on the first strike anyway.
  • -          Lacie 8 Gig Mosquito USB
  • -          15 lumens keychain light
  • -          Keys

I’m thinking of reducing my keychain load by dispencing with the Res-Q-Me and replacing the Benchmade with a rescue knife. Since taking this picture the USB is not on its own key ring, so that it can be removed separate for use.

Editor’s Note: Hey, I’m glad the site proved useful. Thanks for repping EDC down under! Your carry is impressively thorough. However, I agree about your carabiner. It looks like it could be streamlined, especially considering how bulky and cluttering having two pill capsules and the ResQ Me must be. If you’re looking to replace both the Benchmade and ResQ Me, take a look at the Benchmade Triage — it should have what you’re looking for. Otherwise, looks good. Keep it up!

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