My Everyday Carry

Everyday Carry
Industrial Designer and Entrepreneur in Providence, RI

I am an Industrial Designer and Entrepreneur from Providence RI.
I often move from My machine shop to formal business meetings over the course of a day so my EDC must be light and versatile while still serving its purpose.
Currently i can carry all my items wearing slacks and a button down shirt without drawing attention or creating discomfort. 
I carry the tripod, which combined with the Linkmount allow me to take better photos, and include my self and others in them with a timer app.
Rayban’s carbon fiber glasses are extremely light and have changed my life as a daily wearer of glasses. 
I carry the Zebra F-701 for its inexpensive reliability and the ability to impress even highly successful people. 
My phone is no match for a traditional notebook. If you are taking notes in a meeting or group situation the notebook is seen as acceptable where the phone is not. 
Tumi Delta wallet is extremely durable. currently 4 years old with no wear. 

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