6 High-Capacity Battery Packs for Everyday Carry

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We’re in the -ber months, and there’s a lot going on for everyone. For the students, it’s back to school season, friends and families are making their holiday travel plans, and it’s also that time of the year people are looking to buy new Apple devices (or abandon ship for a phone that still has a headphone jack). Devices to add to their ever-growing, battery-hungry everyday carry.

If you’re out and about (playing Pokémon GO on your smartphone or new Apple Watch, maybe), you already know that battery life goes fast, and that outlets aren’t immediately accessible. And the more you move around and with more tech being added to your kit, there just isn’t enough juice to get through the day anymore.

So what you need is a high-capacity external battery pack in your everyday carry. We’ve rounded up six of them to give your tech a boost: they’re high capacity to keep all your devices topped up, fast charging to save you time, and still compact enough to throw in your bag and not weigh you down too much.

High Capacity External Batteries

Limefuel Blast L200X PRO

We’ve featured Limefuel’s battery packs a few times on the site before, and it’s one of our favorite brands thanks to their sleek designs and sensible features. Their latest and greatest now comes with a 20000mAh lithium battery and lets you charge up to four devices via 2.1-amp quick charge ports. A new circuit design features intelligent output that works with modern devices, and even allows pass-through charging that keeps the party going even while the pack itself is plugged in. The L200X PRO is sleek like all Limefuel designs, and an easy carry at only 6.1 inches long and weighing 17.7 ounces. (Editor’s note: The photo above is the L156X model, which is just a slightly shorter version of the L200X Pro.)

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Vinsic Alien

Vinsic’s offering features 20000mAh of capacity, but trades off a couple of charging ports to maintain a super-slim profile measuring only 0.55 inches high. No need to fiddle with buttons as it automatically turns off and on when you plug something in, and an LED display lets you know your remaining charge at a glance. Did we mention it was slim? It’s tough, too, with an exterior made from hard plastic and aluminum alloy, which lets you easily slip it in and out of a pocket or bag.

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Anker Astro E7

If you’ve ever shopped for a battery pack, then you will surely recognize this brand. Anker is a powerhouse in more ways than one, and they’re showing it again with the E7. It’s one of the highest capacities currently available at 26800mAh, and can charge up to three devices simultaneously at a zippy 3 amps. We’re talking double-digit charging capacity for most smartphones. It uses premium LG batteries, fail-safe protection, intelligent circuitry which detects devices, and even includes a flashlight, because why not?

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Anker PowerCore Edge

The PowerCore‘s got a lower capacity than the E7 at “only” 20000mAh, but like the Vinsic Alien, trades off some bulk for an easier-to-carry profile at 0.55 inches high. Despite sacrificing some capacity, the PowerCore doesn’t skimp on the features, and comes with the 3-amp charging ports its bigger brother also uses. It’s durable with an aluminum exterior shell, but also comes with a premium storage pouch should you want to safely stow it away.

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RAVPower 26800mAh External Battery Pack

Not to be outdone by its peers, this pack from RAVPower has a distinct feature: it can maintain a 5.5-amp charge while powering its 3 ports at the same time. That means simultaneously charging three devices at almost double the speed than plugging them individually into a wall socket. Underneath its matte black, scratch-resistant surface, the RAVPower packs some smarts, with iSmart technology that automatically adjusts current and voltage to ensure charging is as safe as it can be.

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Aukey 30000mAh External Battery Charger

Meet the current final boss of battery packs. Featuring the highest capacity currently available on the market with a monstrous 30000mAh, this AUKEY charger can fully top up even the largest phones 6 or more times on a single charge. It comes with dual 2.4-amp ports (with intelligent electronics, of course), which can do a sustained 4.8 amps when used in tandem. There’s a flashlight here too, because again, why not, and on the top it features a power button that doubles as a capacity indicator to let you know how much charge it has left. This one definitely pushes the boundary of an everyday carry due to its size, but in exchange for its mammoth capacity we think it’s a fair trade.

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What’s your favorite high-capacity battery pack, and how is it helping your everyday carry? Sound off in the comments below!

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