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Back in 2017 the original Fantom wallet was released as a huge crowdfunding success thanks to its innovative design and minimalist aesthetic. Finishing a second run in 2019, the Fantom is back for a third iteration, redesigned from the ground-up to be the best version possible in the Fantom X.

Like the original Fantom designs, the Fantom X comes with a unique fanning system for accessing your cards. All you need to do is flick the lever at the top of the wallet for your cards to come out, making them easier to identify and retrieve. This made in Canada wallet is also concerned about your security, so when inside the chassis all of your cards are protected from RFID signals, keeping your information safe. But whenever you want to use an access card for your bus ride or for entering your office, fan the cards out and the card at the bottom is ready for scanning.

Fantom X is designed to be compact and lightweight, measuring in at 4“ x 2.5“ (slightly larger than a credit card) and weighing in at 1.57 oz in its smallest iteration. This is achieved through its use of CNC-machined 6061 aluminum, which not only reduces weight, but also lets the Fantom X stand up to the wear and tear of daily use.

To increase its durability even further, the Fantom X is coated with Cerakote, a ceramic-based coating that increases abrasion, scratch, and chemical resistance. And to make sure it looks as good as the rest of your everyday carry, you can choose between three different finish options: Carbon Fiber, Bamboo, and Walnut.

The Fantom X was also designed with modularity in mind, meaning you can customize it to carry more than your cards, with add-ons for things like your cash, keys, coins, and more. It’s available in three different capacities, with the Extra Slim being able to hold 4-7 cards, the Slim, 5-10 cards, and the Regular, able to carry 7-13. Pick up the right wallet and its accessories for the job at the link below.

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