Garmin epix (Gen 2) Smartwatch

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To get a premium EDC smartwatch these days, it often feels like you have to lock yourself into specific hardware and software ecosystems. But with the introduction of the second-generation Garmin epix, you can pair your smartwatch with any device you choose. Plus, you get Garmin’s superior technology for handling accurate GPS tracking no matter where you happen to be in the world, meshing well with the plethora of exercise and sport tracking applications you can monitor with the watch too. And with its AMOLED screen, you’ll be able to keep on using this watch for up to 16 days without needing a charge, something your standard smartwatch falls far behind in.

The Garmin epix features a sophisticated, modern style which wears well whether you’re in the office, in a plane, or out on a run. And because it comes with a clean, classic aesthetic, it won’t look out of place in professional settings where a traditional phone or sports smartwatch might look out of place in a client meeting or workplace. The Garmin epix has a lightweight and durable titanium case with a scratch and impact resistance sapphire glass shield over its always-on 1.3 inch AMOLED display, and a touchscreen interface that you can augment with side pushers for control of the watch modes and complications.

Since it pairs with the phone of your choice, you can get Android and iOS notifications for incoming calls, messages, and app updates. Through Garmin Pay you’re also able to save card information on the device and pay at supported POS kiosks when you forget your wallet at home or in the car.

The sensors on the watch help you track your health, especially during strenuous activity, and you can track your progress on your next hike, run, bike ride, or swim thanks to its GPS and GLONASS tracking. And unlike the other smartwatches which rely on GPS positioning using your phone and a data signal, the Garmin epix can handle all that and more, including navigation when you’re out in the middle of nowhere far away from 4G LTE or 5G reception.

With the Garmin epix, you get go-anywhere class and reliability with a platform that works no matter if you carry an Apple or Android device. Its rich feature set combined with its aesthetic appeal make it a great option if you’re looking to add a premium smartwatch, GPS, and fitness tracker to your everyday carry ensemble. Click the link below to learn more and pick one up in your choice of 3 colorways.

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