Our Father's Day Favorites from 5.11

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Father’s Day is the perfect excuse to get dad a few summer essentials he might desperately need but won’t bother getting himself. Whether he needs a new pair of sneakers or is finally curious about upgrading from the built-in flashlight on his phone, 5.11 has plenty of gift options that he’ll appreciate. Plus, you’ll know that you’re getting him something he’ll use and won’t sit and collect dust in the basement. These are practical gifts that will show your appreciation for all he has done for you while also making him just a little bit cooler.

EDC K-USB Flashlight

Many people associate summer with beaches and pools, but a surprising amount of activities happen at night. Dad can always use a good flashlight, whether he roasts marshmallows around the bonfire or looks for that item he dropped in the yard. While the flash on a smartphone is nice to have in a pinch, a strong, tough light that can take a beating is even better.

The K-USB flashlight is a simple flashlight that does one thing and does it well. The Cree XP-G3 LED that powers it has a brightness of 150 lumens which can run for about 1.5 hours straight. He can use any standard USB-C cable from the rest of his devices when it’s time to charge.

It features a durable aluminum body complete with IP54 dust and water resistance, so he won’t have to worry about it after jumping in the pool with it still in his pocket. The flashlight is also small enough to attach to his keyring without adding much bulk. It’s modestly priced, so don’t feel bad about treating yourself to a matching light while you’re at it. We won’t tell.

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Norris Sneaker

Most people would prefer to spend their summers poolside in flip-flops, but a quality pair of sneakers is a practical must-have. Get dad out of his beat-up sneakers and into a fresh new pair with the 5.11 Norris Sneaker. It’s a low-key everyday sneaker that combines a low-key aesthetic with rugged tactical features in a way only 5.11 can do. It’s certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) for puncture resistance and the ability to protect against 1200 Newtons of force. Combine that with a rubber toe guard, and you can see how the shoe offers much more foot protection than your average sneaker.

The sneakers’ sole is Vibram Marbani which allows for better traction on slippery terrain. The entire footbed also has high-performance insoles that provide support without sacrificing comfort. The Norris is a comfortable sneaker that offers the kind of protection typical of work boots. If dad is always out working on something, this is a gift he’ll keep finding uses for every time he starts a new project.

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Outpost Chrono Watch

There are few tools as loved as a good watch. Whether dad’s keeping track of the parking or timing the laundry, having an accurate watch is the gift that keeps on giving. If that sounds like something he’d love, look no further than the Outpost Chrono Watch. It’s a 44mm watch with grayed-out tactical styling save for a bright orange chronometer hand. Luminous hour markers and protruding start/stop pushers make this watch easy to use in low-light conditions. It’s also water-resistant up to 100 meters, so while that might not be enough for scuba divers, that’s more than enough for the average swim at the beach.

The durable stainless steel case combined with a mineral crystal means this watch will last for years. It also comes with a 22mm webbing band that he can swap out for whatever style or material he prefers. Whatever the day throws his way, this watch can handle it.

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Ridge Short

If dad’s shorts can use an upgrade, then the Ridge Short may be the backup his wardrobe needs. These are the perfect shorts for any upcoming summer adventures. At first glance, the Ridge Short may look nondescript, but on closer inspection, you begin to notice clever design elements that make it ideal for summer. It uses Flex-Tac canvas with a Teflon coating to provide easy mobility while also protecting against dirt and stains.

The Ridge Short also has eight pockets to carry all the essentials discreetly. A hidden pocket inside the waistband fits a key or similarly sized item, while both front pockets feature special reinforcement for knife clips to prevent fraying. These are hard to pass on for a comfortable yet practical piece of clothing perfect for dad’s summer kit.

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Flex Short Sleeve Polo

The polo shirt is a summer staple, but they are usually made for leisure, not adventure. That isn’t an issue for the Flex Short Sleeve Polo. It maintains the classic professional look any good polo should have while adding technical features that make it easier to wear on hot summer days. Everything about the polo has temperature regulation in mind. Side steam vents allow easy movement and increased breathability, while a moisture-wicking Enduro-Flex polyester weave helps keep dad cool. The polyester weave pulls moisture away from the body to the material’s surface, where sweat can evaporate. Then there’s the anti-odor finish which can be helpful in any situation, for his benefit and others’.  

The Flex Short Sleeve Polo is the perfect gift for anyone looking to stay cool during the heat of the summer while still looking smart. It even has a dedicated pen guide in the chest pocket to complete the calm and collected look. Whether dad is commuting to the office or retired and adventuring, this polo would make a great addition to his closet.

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