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Whether you’re going camping and want to make sure you have all your bases covered for a fun weekend away or are trying to build out a bugout bag you can rely on in a pinch, Prometheus Design Werx (PDW) has a variety of quality EDC options that are worth checking out. With its emphasis on high-quality titanium and clever design, each piece of PDW gear on this list makes a solid case for why it could be the last of its kind that you buy.

SAK Scales and Invictus-C Knife

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite pieces of gear: knives and multitools. Customizing your EDC gear has always been popular, but it seems to be having a moment lately. Whether slapping patches on your new pocket organizers or throwing new scales on a knife, putting a little extra effort into your gear can go a long way.

The Ti-SAK scales from PDW are a perfect example, with tough scales that you can swap out to take your SAK to the next level. These fit any Swiss Army Knife that is 91mm in length (which is a long list). It features a titanium pocket clip with the screws in a standard 3-screw pattern that you can swap out with third-party scales to your liking. PDW put considerable thought into the design as well. It has a glow-in-the-dark dot for locating your tool in low-light situations and slots so you can still keep the toothpick and tweezers that come with many SAKs.

If you’re in the market for a quality knife instead, look no further than the Invictus-C knife. This compact folding knife is made using a combination of Bohler M390 stainless steel for the blade and Grade 5 titanium for the sleek handle. Along the spine is well-placed jimping to help give you more control when slicing, and the 3” blade locks into place thanks to the sturdy frame lock. The knife weighs 3.4ozand has an integrated low-ride pocket clip making it great whether you’re putting it in your pocket or clipping it to webbing.

Check Out the Ti-SAK Scales

Check Out the Invictus

Titanium Storage

Whether you’re backpacking the Appalachian Trail or realizing that you forgot to bring the lighter for your smores cookout, having some emergency matches on hand is always a good idea. PDW has three great options depending on what you’re looking for. They’re all made of 6AL-4V titanium, so you know they can handle anything your next adventure offers and then some. They all feature silicone o-rings that will keep the capsule’s contents dry regardless of the weather, so you can hold emergency matches, Ferro rods, tinder, or even just a few rolled bills.

The Ti-SST capsule is the most robust option you can get. This storage capsule is a solid tube of stonewashed titanium that measures 4.2” and has a diameter of 0.9”. It has a small compass embedded into one end of the tube rated down to 100m which should be more than enough for almost anyone. It features an anti-roll design and a cylindrical body perfect for wrapping paracord, fishing line, or duct tape. On the bottom is a waterproof abrasive strip for striking matches in a pinch.

Then there’s the Ti-SST DTA and Ti-SST DTB, which are more traditional capsule options. They don’t have the Ti-SST’s built-in compass or non-roll body, but they still share the same rugged, waterproof design you’d expect from PDW. The main difference between the two is the size. The DTA is roughly the same size as the Ti-SST, while the DTB is shorter at 3” and 0.9” in diameter. Both options feature the signature MK2 “pineapple” style textured grip that is easy to handle even when wet. The lids on both models also have a lanyard hole, so you can free up valuable pocket space by wearing or fastening them.

Check Out the Ti-SST

Check Out the Ti-SST DTA

Check Out the Ti-SST DTB

Titanium Survival Essentials

Knowing how to start a fire with whatever is on hand is a useful skill, which is why it’s always a good idea to have a few emergency matches when in the backcountry. But if you prefer a small and reliable lighter, PDW has you covered there too. The Ti-FS MK2 Survival Lighter is as compact as a lighter can get. It’s small but mighty, living up to PDW’s high standards for its products. Measuring 1.9” x 0.6”, it’s a solid addition to any EDC and can be especially useful in emergencies. The titanium body has milled knurling, making using it in wet conditions a breeze. Plus, it also has a hole to loop a lanyard through so you can wear it for good measure.

Another item that can be a difference-maker in an emergency is a whistle, and of course, PDW has the last one you’ll ever need. You can be confident that this solid titanium whistle won’t break if you find yourself in a tough situation. Being able to signal to others that everything is fine or that you need some help is a lot easier with a whistle that can get up to 120 decibels. This lightweight whistle is an excellent addition to any emergency EDC kit to ensure you cover all your bases.

Check Out the Ti-FS MK2

Check Out Ti-Signal Whistle

Watch Essentials

One helpful tool that is often overlooked in your typical EDC setup is a compass. A good compass can come in handy whether you’re thru-hiking or navigating a new city. The Prometheus Design Werx Expedition Watch Band Compass Kit discreetly puts that valuable tool on your wrist. This small titanium compass fits perfectly on a good NATO and weighs 0.72 oz, so it won’t weigh you down too much. It also has a silicone carrier if you’d instead loop it onto your pack. The compass is tough enough to go with you on your next hike, summit, or dive, as it’s rated down to 100m.

You can attach the compass to any 20mm or 22mm NATO strap, but PDW offers its own classic NATO strap to complement it. It’s made using thicker nylon, which is more durable and still comfortable, and it also features titanium rings and buckles throughout. That choice isn’t only for looks (though it definitely looks cool). Stainless steel rings can become magnetized and negatively affect compass accuracy. By going with titanium, you can be confident that this NATO is 100% nonmagnetic, giving you a little extra trust in your direction.

Check Out the Expedition Watch Band Compass Kit

Check Out the Ti-NATO Straps

Titanium Cooking Collection

Whether you’re building out a bugout bag for a rainy day or filling the car for a weekend adventure, how you’re going to cook food is important. PDW has an ecosystem of lightweight yet durable gear that works perfectly together. Take the Backpacker Stove Pouch Universal Field Gray, for example. This cylindrical 3-pocket pouch uses tried-and-true EDC materials like 500D CORDURA and YKK zippers. It has two zippered compartments lined with a high-vis orange ripstop nylon that fits the Multi-Fuel Survival Stove. You can use it with most portable gas cartridge stoves or 500mL backpacking style pots.

Speaking of stoves, the Ti-Line MFSS is a titanium survival stove made so that you can use whatever you can forage.  You can keep a fire going in a pinch with nothing more than a few pinecones, cardboard, or even sticks. Though if you want to save time picking up sticks, it also accepts solid fuel tabs. It has a double wall construction allowing enough airflow to keep a fire burning when needed. The stove weighs approximately 4.3oz, making it a solid choice for anyone cooking outdoors. Three small legs fold out for stabilization, and while PDW designed it to support the Ti-600mL Mini-Pot/Mug, it can hold any comparable 500mL pot.

You won’t be disappointed if you decide to go all-in and pick up a Ti-Line 600mL Mini-Pot/Mug for yourself. It’s made of corrosion-proof titanium, making it safe to cook in. Plus, it weighs 5.39oz, so between this and the portable stove, you can carry a full cooking setup in your pack that only weighs you down about 10 ounces. Whether you’re boiling water for your morning coffee or making noodles after a long day of hiking, this could be a great dual-purpose piece of kit. The lid even has holes so it can act as a strainer, making it easier for you to drain pasta water without accidentally spilling any food.

PDW even thought far enough down the line to offer the titanium Takedown Chopsticks. Chopsticks might not be the first utensil you picture when you imagine camping, but why not? They’re perfect for noodles, don’t take up a ton of space, and are super lightweight. These even have mahogany wood tips that you can unscrew and store inside the titanium handles, making them even more compact and easy to travel with. If you know you’re going to be eating a lot of ramen on your next trip anyway, you might as well get a little fancy with it.

Check Out the Backpacker Stove Pouch

Check Out the Ti-Line MFSS

Check Out the Ti-Line Mini-Pot/Mug

Check Out the Takedown Chopsticks

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