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With a name synonymous with highly functional and robust wallets, Dango leads the way with improving and innovating with their EDC essentials. And even with an extensive catalog covering all your card-carrying needs, they’re still on the cutting edge of refining their gear, and as a result, your EDC, too.

In this giveaway, you have the chance to win their latest, greatest, and most modular products, allowing you to dial in your EDC to its ultimate efficiency for your daily needs. And the best part is, you don’t have to spend a thing to win this package with over $300 worth of Dango gear. Click the button below to join the giveaway and check out the gear up for grabs below!

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The Prizes up for Grabs

A10 Spec-Ops Bifold Pocket Adapt Wallet

Dango’s modular, versatile, and made-in-the-USA A10 wallet is their most advanced one yet. This Spec-Ops variant takes it even higher to the next level of tactical functionality. The combination of machined 6061 aluminum and Dango’s DTEX material–non-leather, highly durable, and water-resistant–as well as a Cerakoted chassis in burnt bronze gives the A10 unparalleled durability. The card cavity comes with RFID blocking and can hold up to 4-5 cards, while the companion DTEX Pull Bifold Pocket Adapter can hold up to 12, easily retrievable via a pull tab.

But the A10 is no mere card carrier, as it comes with several minimal tools that integrate seamlessly with the wallet. The MT05 Multi-Tool comes with 18 functions designed for emergencies, including a belt cutter, oxygen wrench, ¼” hex wrench, and more, and it slides into the DTEX holster attached to the A10’s backplate. The heat-treated stainless steel MT01 Clasp Multi-Tool is in charge of securing the A10 while everything is closed but makes the most of its size with a small chisel, hex wrench, bottle opener, and even drivers for minor tasks built right into its design.

S1 Stealth Phone Pocket + MT03 Bundle

The Phone Pocket is Dango’s minimalist peel-and-stick smartphone attachment, doubling as a durable card holder wallet (thanks to its DTEX construction) and a holster for their minimalist multi-tools. The S1 fits most phones and measures just 0.1” with room for a few essential cards, but its key partner is the MT03 Comb & Clip Multi-Tool. The tool slides right into the S1’s main compartment and comes equipped with a comb, screwdriver, ruler, bottle opener, and more while exposing a clip that gives you additional options for carrying your phone. Need a bit more functionality? The S1 is also compatible with Dango’s other tools like the MT01, MT02, and MT04.

MC01 Titanium Money Clip

The Dango MC01 Titanium Money Clip is a dedicated storage option for securely carrying your cash while remaining as thoughtful, lightweight, and resilient for EDC as the rest of their offerings. A thoughtful two-part construction with aluminum and titanium gives it resilience and springy strength, allowing you to carry up to 50 bills and shrink to carry just one without losing its shape. But if all that space isn’t enough, you can also opt to add a silicone band, giving you extra space for about 30 extra bills or 10 plastic cards. A bottle opener is built into the top part of the titanium clip, letting you open up a cold one after a hard day of work, and attachment points are also on both end of the aluminum plate, allowing you to use a lanyard to further secure the MC01 as needed.

Carabiner & Shackle

Sporting Dango’s traditional overbuilt design, this two-part carabiner holds more than just your keys. As its name suggests, this Dango accessory comprises two items: a carabiner and a shackle. The carabiner features a CNC-machined, 6061 aerospace aluminum body with two separate gates. The first chamber is helpful for anchoring, while the second can help you segregate the rest of your items. The carabiner also features multiple holes along its square body to attach more articles. The shackle is designed to hold up to 8 of your keys, keeping them organized while reducing jingling. Both of these parts can be attached or used separately to increase versatility.


The Tether brings all of Dango’s products together, acting as a super-tough attachment that lets you secure and retrieve the rest of your gear. On one end is a heavy-duty metal clasp, and its 550 paracord body is Cobra woven for a sleek and compact look. Each Tether is 6” woven but can unravel to a total 10 feet in case of emergencies. Use the Tether to keep your Dango wallet or smartphone in check, retrieve your favorite knife or light from your pocket, or simply attach it to your bag as emergency cordage–its utility is endless and is the perfect accessory for your EDC.

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