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Sometimes all it takes is one look at a knife’s design and its credentials to determine it will be an instant classic. After a string of incredibly popular debut knives, Tactile Knife Co. shake the market up again with their Maverick premium folding everyday carry knife. With the Maverick, you get a beautiful knife made in collaboration with custom knifemaker Richard Rogers. You get a premium and sizeable MagnaCut steel blade in a versatile shape. You get a secure ambidextrous crossbar lock. And like their pens and other knives and collaborations, you even get to choose between a minimalist titanium handle scale or a more grippy Micarta treatment based on what you have in mind for EDC.

The star of the show, of course, is the Maverick‘s blade steel. MagnaCut is a next-generation stainless steel that functionally replaces S30V and other ubiquitous Crucible steels on the EDC market today. And Tactile Knife Co. has heat treated the 3.6″ MagnaCut blade on the Maverick to an extremely impressive 63-64 Rockwell hardness. The Maverick is a folding knife with a keen maximum sharpness that will hold an edge far longer than most steels. The only downside is it will take some elbow grease to sharpen this knife when you eventually manage to dull it, but the extra effort is well worth it.

Tactile Knife Co. manufactures all of its cutlery here in the United States at its Texas machine shop. The quality and attention to detail are immediately apparent, especially in minor details like the shape of the pivot cover and the thumbstud, to say the least of Tactile’s overall design language, like in the handle grooves. The Maverick ticks all the boxes for an incredibly performant EDC knife and will be a pleasure for you to use and pocket for years to come, and like most of Tactile’s products, of an heirloom heritage that can stand the test of trends and time. Click the link below to join the waiting list to secure a spot for the Maverick today.

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