Biking To The Office

CMO (age 28)
Detroit, MI
This is my load out when I decide to bike to work. Rather than switching my gear between bags, misplacing things, or forgetting things, most of the "gear" belongs to this bag, and never leaves it unless it's being used, and this bag is only used when I bike.

I do transfer items like my laptop, gun, wallet, and things like that.

I'm able to bring my bike into my office, and I don't make stops to or from my house (only 4 miles each way), so I don't carry a bike lock.

Not pictured:
1. Bike repair items/bag (tubes, pumps, tools)
2. Cygolite Bike Light (secured to my bike)
3. iPhone 6+ S (I used it to take the picture!)

Things I'm still looking for:
1. A more streamlined key organizer.
2. An LED maglite, not just a regular bulb.
3. Cold weather gear
4. Rear light for my bike

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Good kit. There's a link to a MagLite LED conversion I've used at the bottom of this, but would suggest going with another company. I used to love MagLite, but there are so many better and less expensive makers out there now, it makes sense to me. Cheers.
I'm thinking about ditching the maglite all together (maybe keep it at home for emergencies), and just use my streamlite. Also, now that I have a super bright bike light that can detach from my bike, having 3 different lights might be overkill.